Frequently Asked Questions

There is no electromagnetic radiation or smog emitted from the use of the Powertube.

Electromagnetic radiation occurs when strong magnetic fields damage the magnetism of the haemoglobin in the blood. This can easily be shown by dark field microscopy, where haemoglobins are seen to be clumped together like rolls of coins if affected by EMR. This happens because each haemoglobin has lost its magnetic field and the effect of adhesion brings them together. Due to the loss of magnetism, oxygen cannot be transported optimally through the blood to the cells, and this can lead to serious health problems.

Leading research in the use of the Powertube - recently conducted by Professor Dr Parlar and Dr Plichta from Germany - has shown that the Powertube supports the magnetism within the cells as magnetised iron in the blood is able to attach oxygen to the haemoglobin. This cannot be achieved using a chemical transportation process. This new research confirms that Powertube is able to bring more oxygen to cells.

The Powertube makes it possible that haemoglobin will optimally transport oxygen to the cells anywhere in the body. Because oxygen is a paramagnetic gas, the iron atoms in the haemoglobin generate magnetism. Magnetism in the haemoglobin is produced because electrons are surrounding these iron atoms. Hence the Powertube can help to re-alkalinise the body.

The Powertube does not belong to the family of so-called TENS zappers. However, Powertube is generically called a TENS device simply because it operates through transcuteneous electrical nerve stimulation.

The difference to other TENS devices is that the Powertube sends a high frequency wave signal and the output is symmetric alternating current (AC), and not direct current (DC) which is what other TENS devices use (i.e. Hulda Clark’s TENS zapper technology is based on direct current and not alternating current).

Please note that the Powertube is NOT a "Zapper" as defined by Hulda Clark and others.

Unlike TENS zappers which are designed to destroy viruses and pathogens in the body, the Powertube does exactly the opposite. The Powertube homogenises the molecular cell structure of blood via three high-based frequencies with a special overtone spectrum applied during therapy. This re-aligns the body's molecules and improves the internal environment. The frequencies range in the average from approximately 200 kHz to 1.5 MHz, with frequencies up to 200 MHz.

The main aspect and function of the Powertube technology is the efficient detoxification and relief from chronic and sporadic toxins within the body. Traditionally we reach for pharmaceutical medications to treat many illnesses. This introduces inorganic substances into an organic body and in the process kills important, much needed bacteria. The body is then under pressure to rid the body of these trespassers. It is also under pressure from illnesses, viruses, and the residue of modern day preservatives and additives in our foods and chemicals in our water.

With the use of the Powertube, the body’s energy is measurably raised at the point of re-alignment and the immune system is optimally strengthened. The result is a reinforced immune system so the body is able to fight against morbid bacteria and parasites etc, with the result of improved overall health and increased energy levels. Hence the body is able to heal itself.